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After 26 years of serving the community, Synergy Day Spa will be closing its doors effective immediately.

This decision comes for several reasons, primarily because I have reached retirement and wish to relax and enjoy this next chapter of my life. I have dedicated myself to the business and worked tirelessly to keep it running, especially since COVID-19.

Despite all my efforts, the business has only managed to break even. Additionally, our month-to-month lease since the marina's new ownership has prevented me from making long-term plans.

I know that once the marina becomes stabilized over the next few years, it will be a vibrant part of the community and future businesses will thrive. However, time is not on our side.

This decision results from the cumulative effect of many small challenges. I thank you for your support over the years and hope you understand my decision.





Susie Stroupe

Synergy Day Spa


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